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General Information

  • All teachers are certified Tennessee Teachers who teach at Lenoir City Schools in our physical buildings.

  • Student-teacher meetings can be done virtually through Google Meet conferencing, or you may set up a time with your teacher to meet face-to-face, if the teacher has time set aside in the teaching schedule.

  • Absolutely, you can select a hybrid option in virtual school which will allow you to take courses at the physical school as well as choose virtual course options to make up a full schedule.

  • Yes. Students will be able to participate in a graduation ceremony and receive a public school diploma if they attain the required 22 credits.  The diploma will be issued by the iLearn Institute at Lenoir City Schools and is accredited by the State of Tennessee just like any other public school.  

  • Yes, you absolutely can! Virtual Academy students are able to participate in all extracurriculars and sports offered by the Lenoir City School District as long as the student meets eligibility requirements.

  • Through the iLearn Institute, students are able to participate in their local school's sports teams. Our curriculum is NCAA Approved, which means we adhere to academic standards that student athletes must meet in order to compete in intercollegiate athletics.

  • Once a student has filled out the appropriate paperwork, a meeting will be held to go over his/her specific needs and customize a learning plan. Then, both the student and his/her parent(s) will attend a training to go over the Learning Management System, as well as the expectations of the program.

  • No, that doesn't mean limited access! Quite the opposite, actually. Since the Virtual Academy is a web-based program, students can access their course materials anywhere there is a high speed Internet connection. Students can work at home, school, their local coffee shop, the library... anywhere with a connection!

  • Students can choose and customize the amount of courses they take based on their specific needs and interests. A student may take anywhere from one to eight courses through the Virtual Academy in a given academic year.  Additional course credits may be earned through iLearn’s summer school program.

    • High school: Credit recovery, non-college prep, college prep, honors, Advanced Placement and numerous electives including career-oriented courses. All courses are NCAA approved.
    • Middle school: 6-8 coursework and specials.
    • Elementary: K-5 coursework and specials.​