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Student Schedule Requirements and Changes

Student schedules in grades K-8 will consist of the four core courses, plus Physical Education (unless a diagnosed medical condition prevents this). Additionally, students will be required to take an elective or special area course. These are specified in the course catalog, available on the iLearn Institute website. Additional requirements for remediation or enrichment may be required, as needed. 

High School iLearn students will be on a block schedule, with three courses a semester (earning six credits per year minimum), alongside a required enrichment assignment designed to ensure student success and preparedness for post-secondary opportunities that differ per grade level. These enrichment requirements are an integral part of the iLearn Institute experience, and are a prerequisite for continued enrollment in the program.

Students will be allowed to request a schedule change during the first week of school only, and changes are not allowed after the first two weeks unless directed by an IEP team. Rather than request schedule changes following the beginning of the academic term, parents are strongly encouraged to participate in the scheduling process and raise concerns with the iLearn staff prior to the first day of class, and to examine the iLearn course catalog.