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Admission Criteria

Because we are a school of choice, The iLearn Institute has the right to accept or decline the application of any student who applies during the annual open enrollment period. The following criteria will be reviewed and taken into consideration when accepting applicants:

  • Attendance: The student’s comprehensive attendance record will be reviewed in order to assess the relationship between the student’s attendance and prior performance.
  • Grades: Poor grades may indicate that students will struggle with a more independent learning environment, and a thorough review of the student’s academic file will be conducted to assess the student’s performance as well as their academic needs moving forward. All students in K-12th grade will be evaluated holistically upon their application; however, high school students should have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be considered for initial entry. Number of Credits Achieved: Students who are behind on credits are generally not accepted.
  • Attendance: The student should have no more than five unexcused absences for the previous school year
  • Preliminary Testing: The iLearn Institute may require students to demonstrate initial knowledge or understanding of material through the completion of benchmark assessments.
  • Students must be at the current level of mathematics. Applicants will preferably meet the following criteria:
    • Freshmen: Must have passed 8th grade math

    • Sophomores: Must have completed Algebra I or Math I

    • Juniors: Must have completed Geometry or Math II

    • Seniors: Must have completed Algebra II or Math III

Students whose applications are denied have the right to appeal that decision. Anyone who would like an appeal should make that request to the iLearn Administrator within 48 hours of receiving notice of denial of admission. In these cases, a panel consisting of an iLearn Administrator, Director of Schools and an iLearn teacher will work alongside other Lenoir City Schools personnel to review any documentation submitted by the family to support enrollment. 

Prior to the ninth grade, all students, with their parent(s) and an advisor, will develop a six-year plan of study. This proposed program will be reviewed each year. The purpose is to connect the student’s academic and career goals to appropriate classes. Students must choose a focused program of study, preparing them for post-secondary education in a college/university curriculum or in technical training.     

Elementary School Admissions: Academic Standing Requirements: In terms of academics, our goal is for every child to be at or above grade level in all subjects. If a student is below grade level in either math or reading according to I-Ready diagnostic data, weekly tutoring and support in our building may be required. In the case a child is below grade level in both reading and math, iLearn Institute staff will recommend the student attend traditional school and will therefore no longer be able to enroll with the iLearn Institute. 

Students in grades K-8 must have an A-B average with no grade lower than a “C” for the final grade average in any course.

Lenoir City School System Immunization Compliance Tennessee Department of Health Rule Chapter 1200-14-1-29 

Tennessee Department of Health has changed and updated its immunization requirements for child care, pre-school and school entry. The effective date of most changes was July 2010. There will be only one official TDOH certificate of immunization that must be filled out by medical providers. This certificate needs to be presented to the school prior to attendance. The form will only be available from a private health care provider or the local health department.