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Required Assessments and State Testing

Course assessments are typically completed in the same environment used for course work. It may occasionally be necessary for students to be proctored during a testing period (i.e. AP tests, or in some instances final exams proctored at a designated site on a set date).  

  • Testing Requirements (EOC/ACT etc.) 

    • Annual assessments are critical to ensure that all students are making strong academic progress. State and federal law requires student participation in state assessments. These statutes specifically reference the expectation that all students enrolled in public schools in Tennessee will complete annual assessments.  Given both the importance and legal obligation, parents may not refuse or opt a child out of participating in state assessments. When an individual signs up for our virtual learning program, they are specifically agreeing to take all state assessments. These statements are listed for the parent and student on the registration page of the website. Students who do not complete all parts of the End of Course (EOC) tests will not receive credit for the course. Students who do not complete all parts of the EOC will also not be admitted into the virtual school program for the following semester.

    • All EOC Tests will be administered at Lenoir City Schools’ Central Office. ACT Exam locations will be announced at a later date. 

    • EOC Tests are required in the following subject areas:  

      • English I and II

      • Biology

      • United States History

      • Geometry

      • Algebra 1B

      • Algebra 2B

TNReady is the state’s TCAP test for English language arts, math, social studies and science, as well as alternative assessments like MSAA and TCAP-Alt, for students with special needs. It will provide us with more and better information about our students’ progress. The TNReady TCAP tests are designed to assess true student understanding and not just basic memorization and test-taking skills. TNReady will measure student understanding of our current state standards in English language arts, math, social studies, and science.  Students in grades 3-8 must take the TNReady tests.  Students in 2nd grade may have to take the TN Ready test if the district decides to choose that option during the specific school year. 

ACT for Juniors - Beginning with the 2008-2009 school year, the State Department of Education will require ALL Juniors in Tennessee to take the ACT test. This test will be given on a regular school day in the Spring semester. High school students are permitted to take the ACT at any time during their high school careers in addition to the state mandated testing day.