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The iLearn Difference

  1. Our 100% online courses give students the flexibility to attend school on their schedule.  We are a great fit for students with special medical considerations, family obligations, and demanding activity schedules.

  2. Our teachers not only assign and monitor our online curriculum, they also deliver live instructional sessions during normal school hours -either online or in person- throughout the week.

  3. All of your child’s teachers are iLearn employees who either work as part time employees in our virtual school and full time in our face to face program, or are full time virtual teachers based at the district office.  We don’t contract with other national virtual school programs like K-12 or Connections Learning, so your student can always visit with their teacher face to face.  All Lenoir City Schools have been designated as Reward Schools, and our district has been ranked as Exemplary. These are the highest rankings given by the Tennessee Department of Education. The same employees who are your student’s virtual teachers are the same people driving high test scores in face to face classrooms across our district.  

  4. iLearn provides both Advanced Placement Courses and Dual Enrollment Options, allowing students to get a jump on their college education by attaining college credit while they are still in high school.

  5. iLearn is NCAA certified, so our student athletes can rest assured that our courses will meet all NCAA requirements.  

  6.  iLearn provides a community where students can connect both online and in person.  We provide many opportunities for students to explore their interests, meet new people and gain new experiences. All students in grades K-12 must participate in 10 academic events as well as 10 social events each semester.  Students will have a wide variety of activities that they can choose from including the following: 

    1. Collaborate with classmates on school work, participate in STEM activities

    2. Attend monthly student club meetings and activities like field trips, movie and game events

    3. Get together at school for community events

    4. Attend academic and social events

    5. Participate in The iLearn Institute’s graduation ceremony

  7. We offer a wide variety of elective opportunities at all age levels.  Elementary students can choose between computer science and art.  Our middle school students can choose between computer science, art or even take select courses for high school credit.  High school students can take courses in culinary arts, criminal science, health science, agriculture, business management, and many more.  

  8. iLearn students can take specific face to face classes at Lenoir City High School if they are interested in fields like engineering or mechatronics, or if they would like to participate in the band or chorus programs.  

  9. We provide parent (Learning Coach) training as well as best-practice tips for online learning, helping our families establish and refine a plan for success.

  10. We offer strategic support for struggling learners like live tutoring sessions, as well as benchmark testing in specific content areas, to help ensure students stay at or above grade level.  

  11. iLearn offers a 22 credit diploma for students who wish to take additional courses for college credit or advanced technical training. By removing elective credits that other schools require for graduation, we can offer additional opportunities like ACT Prep that may benefit a student’s specific goals.  

  12. iLearn places you, the parent, at the center of your child’s educational experience. We believe that the best education is one that establishes a partnership between parents and teachers, and we think that iLearn is uniquely qualified to do so effectively.