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Mandatory Synchronous Instructional Sessions

Any student whose average for a given course falls below a 75 will be required to attend a synchronous (live online) Google Meet session with their teacher for that course the following week. 

  • Students enrolled in TCAP and EOC Courses will be required to attend Google Meet sessions to better prepare for these tests. Schedules for these meetings will be communicated by your teachers. 
  • We reserve the right to require Google Meet sessions on an as-needed basis if iLearn Teachers and Administrators feel it is in the best interest of our students.
  • Any student with a diagnosed medical condition that prevents them from attending in-person sessions will be excused once appropriate documentation is provided, and an alternate session set up. 

Visitors during synchronous sessions: The iLearn Institute Offices are located at the Lenoir City Board of Education, 200 East Broadway in downtown Lenoir City.  Students may be required to attend in person sessions with their teachers as part of their enrollment.  Students are not permitted to have parents or other visitors attend these in person sessions. Parents may schedule appointments to meet with teachers or the iLearn Administrator via email.

Live Tutoring: The iLearn Institute offers live tutoring sessions, both virtually and in person, upon request.