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Guidance and Counseling

Counseling services include confidential individual and group counseling, career and academic counseling, and scholarship/financial aid information. Standardized testing and interpretation, as well as class assistance in registration, is also provided. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the counseling services offered. Each student needs an annual appointment with his / her counselor for academic evaluation. Parents are invited to participate.                    

Situations occasionally arise that necessitate, in your child’s opinion, a visit to a counselor. When a substantial number of students seek guidance for the same type of problem, groups may be formed by the counselor. These groups are designed to help your child succeed in school, by addressing any number of topics (including, but not limited to) study skills, diet and nutrition, or anger management.    

Of course, any knowledge disclosed during a group meeting about plans to harm one’s self, another , or incidences of abuse, will be reported to the student’s parents and/or proper authority.        

Your electronic verification of the handbook form indicates your acknowledgment and support of the counseling services offered at our high school. Feel free to call anytime with questions or concerns. A separate permission form on a case-by-case basis, should your child ever need it, will be made available at your request.                

Guidelines for Reporting Pregnancy of Minor Children

If a female student shares first-hand confirmation of a pregnancy with a staff member, the staff member must notify the appropriate school counselor in writing within 24 hours of the student disclosure.

School counselors must work immediately to support the personal well-being of the student by establishing professional rapport in the context of a counseling relationship. School counselors will be expected to discuss a plan for health care support and inclusion of the family. As always, school counselors are expected to work according to the professional standards of practice and code of ethics established by the American School Counselor Association ( Furthermore, school counselors will adhere to all federal, state, and local laws and policies for sharing educational records (FERPA), reporting suspected abuse or neglect, and the notification of intent to harm self or others.


Current students who need an official copy of his/her transcript should request this document by completing a transcript request Google Form. The form can be found on the school website under the Quicklinks tab then transcripts. You need to then click whether you are a current or former high school student. Any questions regarding this may be addressed to the designated iLearn Counselor.

A student may review his/her school record and receive an unofficial transcript copy from his/her school counselor. Any question regarding grades, credits, or classes taken should be addressed to his/her counselor.