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 New student orientation sessions will be offered both in person and virtually, and the student and at least one parent/guardian will be required to participate in orientation. Failure to participate in orientation will result in an incomplete application and the student will not be enrolled for the upcoming school year. 

All iLearn enrollees will be required to have a designated At-Home Learning Coach. This will be the person primarily responsible for ensuring student success. If this person is someone other than the parent (for example, a grandparent, aunt or uncle), then this person must also attend the orientation session, either virtually or in person. The role of the At-Home Learning Coach will be to:

  • Ensure access to Broadband internet 

  • Monitor district communications for up-to-date information regarding school closures, instructional continuation plans, and digital learning resources

  • Maintain communication with your child(ren)’s teacher and school counselors

  • Provide academic support, motivation, and guidance throughout the school year

  • Ensure the student is on track with assignments and coursework

  • Communicate regularly with teachers 

  • Keep track of attendance and alert iLearn Administrators if your child will be absent by emailing or calling 865-988-2070 (button 5)

  • Assist students in learning time-management and responsibility

  • Ensure students attend required live whole-group and/or small-group online classes

  • For students in grades K-5, spend 4-6 hours per day, five days a week, working with and/or supporting the student

  • For students in grades 6-12, spend 1-3 hours per day, five days a week, working with and/or supporting the student. 

  • Lead offline activities and help the student develop foundational skills and deepen understanding of content

  • Create a location in the home that can serve as a dedicated learning space