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Probationary Periods and Probation Contracts

Students who are placed on academic probation at the decision of the iLearn Administrator will be given a probation contract that outlines steps that must be taken in order for the student to be removed from probationary status. Students may be placed on probationary status due to academic, attendance, or behavioral concerns including, but not limited to

  • Low overall grade point average
  • Failing grade for one semester
  • Excessive absences
  • Poor academic integrity (plagiarism and/or cheating)
  • Inappropriate use of the Internet/computer
  • Other academic or behavioral decisions that may poorly affect progress and/or success.

Following a decision by the iLearn Administrator that a probationary period is needed for a student, the student and student’s parent/guardian will be required to attend a meeting with the iLearn Administrator to discuss and sign the student’s probation contract. Requirements for the academic or behavioral probation must, at a minimum, include the following requirements: Participation in mandatory tutoring sessions

  • Fulfillment of all attendance requirements for virtual school
  • No missing assignments
  • Maintenance of a grade point average of 2.5 and a passing grade in all courses.

Additional requirements may be placed on students in unique circumstances. If a student or parent fails to agree to the guidelines set forth by the probation contract or the student fails to meet requirements, the student may be immediately dismissed from iLearn and given a set period in which to enroll at his or her zoned school.