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iLearn Institute Parent / Student Handbook

The iLearn Institute at Lenoir City Schools Graphic Banner

The Lenoir City School District is dedicated to offering students and families a variety of pathways and learning options to achieve our district mission to provide a challenging educational environment of mutual respect where each student shall discover opportunities to develop necessary skills and attitudes to perform at a level of personal excellence in the twenty-first century. The iLearn Institute at Lenoir City Schools has been developed to provide opportunities for students to choose their time and place of learning, determine the pace at which they approach their subjects, and provide them with the necessary tools to be successful in their skill development.

The iLearn Institute at Lenoir City Schools enables the Lenoir City School District to provide online learning options for our students including:

  • Relevant courses in flexible locations using an accommodating time schedule
  • High quality, interactive courses aligned to state and national standards
  • Elementary School, Middle School and High School level curriculum
  • Credit recovery courses for students who are credit deficient
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Modified rates of learning to accommodate the student – traditional, accelerated or extended (including the potential for early graduation)
  • The experience of online learning in preparation for future training in post-secondary education and career readiness
  • Flexibility for students and families who are balancing a high quality education with sports, art, or other demanding schedules.
  • Flexibility for families whose situations make day-to-day attendance in a brick and mortar school challenging

The iLearn Institute at Lenoir CIty Schools is in partnership with Lenoir City Schools.  All courses are aligned to national and state standards.  Course goals and objectives are available upon request.  All courses are 1 or 2 semesters in length and taught by Tennessee certified teachers who are employed by Lenoir CIty Schools.