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Required Courses for High School Graduation

Students who wish to earn their diploma entirely through virtual courses will be required to complete the following course requirements:


9th grade

English 9

Algebra 1

World History

Physical Science



10th grade


US Gov't /PE


English 10

11th grade

Algebra 2

US History


English 11


12th grade

Senior math (Bridge, SAILS, Pre-Calculus, or Statistics)

Econ/Pers Fin

English 12

Art, Spanish 1, & Spanish 2 can be taken in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade or waived for additional courses that support the elective focus or provide another elective focus.


Elective Focus- Can be CTE, AP, Dual Enrollment, SDC, humanities, social sciences, etc. (really any 3 classes grouped together that might logically considered a focus)

If a student takes 3 AP, dual enrollment, or SDC courses as core subjects, then these 3 credits could be any electives.