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Summer School Courses

Courses marked in RED are not available this summer. 

English 9 (H)

English 10 (H)

English 11 (H)

Creative Writing

Journalism 1A:  Introduction

Journalism 1B:  Investigating the Truth

Algebra 1A

Algebra 1B

Algebra 2A

Algebra 2B (H)

Geometry (H)

Consumer Math



Physical Science (H)

Biology (H) 

Chemistry (H)

Environmental Science

Earth and Space Science 

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish 4

World History

US History

History of the Holocaust

Personal Finance - 9 weeks

Economics - 9 weeks

Government - 9 weeks


Wellness – (Personal Fitness)

Physical Education - 9 weeks (Fitness Lifestyle Design)

Art in World Cultures 

Drawing and Painting

Art History

Digital Photography 1

Digital Photography 2

Theater, Cinema and Film Production 1A

Theater, Cinema and Film Production 1B

Lord of the Rings:  An Exploration of the Films and Their Literary Influences

Mythology and Folklore:  Legendary Tales

High School Ukelele 1A

High School Ukelele 1B

High School Guitar 1A

High School Guitar 1B

High School Guitar 2A

High School Guitar 2B

Career Discovery – 9-weeks

Workplace and Internship Readiness (Work Based Learning) Seniors Only

Introduction to Business and Marketing

Business Communications

Business Management

Health Science Education

Medical Terminology

Medical Diagnostics

Anatomy and Physiology

Nursing Education


Veterinary Science

Principles of Plant Science and Hydroculture

Criminal Justice 1

Criminal Justice 2

Criminal Justice 3 

Digital Arts 1

Digital Arts 2

Digital Arts 3

Principles of Engineering

Engineering Design 1

Engineering Design 2

Culinary Arts 1

Culinary Arts 2

Culinary Arts 3