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Required Courses for High School Graduation

Students who wish to earn their diploma entirely through virtual courses will be required to complete the following course requirements.  Virtual students do not have to take courses as they are listed in specific grade levels as listed below but all listed courses are required to graduate.

9th grade

English 9

Algebra 1

World History

Physical Science



10th grade


US Gov't /PE


English 10

11th grade

Algebra 2

US History


English 11


12th grade

Senior math (Bridge, SAILS, Pre-Calculus, or Statistics)

Econ/Pers Fin

English 12

Art, Spanish 1, & Spanish 2 can be taken in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade or waived for additional courses that support the elective focus or provide another elective focus.


Elective Focus- Can be CTE, AP, Dual Enrollment, SDC, humanities, social sciences, etc. (really any 3 classes grouped together that might logically considered a focus)

If a student takes 3 AP, dual enrollment, or SDC courses as core subjects, then these 3 credits could be any electives.